Monday, April 12, 2010

It's A Good Feeling...

... to finally have an unclogged shower so that I can take showers in my own shower without water up to my knees that sits there for days after each shower.

... to get to take off my ace bandage after its been cutting off my circulation for a couple of hours.

... to sit on my porch in the evenings with a tank top on (like I'm doing right now).

... to get into a warm car when it's not too hot outside.

... to have a week where I'm not too worried about school work.

... to actually almost complete a crossword puzzle.

... to dream about this summer!

Hope your week has started off well!

1 comment:

Kylee said...

Totally agree about the shower thing. I hate when that drain gets clogged, drives me crazy. And the summer'll be here soon!
(Saw you visited my blog and decided to stop by for a quick hello.)

Happy saturday! : )