Saturday, April 3, 2010

What's so good about Good Friday?

Well, Good Friday is almost over (we have 5 minutes left of it, as of now, which is the beginning of the post), but I just had a few thoughts today that I wanted to share with you.

First off, I've always thought it was strange that we call this day Good Friday because it is the day that wicked people killed Jesus Christ, the most loving man to ever live. What could be good about that?

Well, I've probably had this epiphany before, but I had this epiphany today about why it's called Good Friday and especially how it applies to my life.

Jesus' apostles probably weren't thinking, as they were watching their Savior being mocked, hanging on a cross, that there was anything good about this situation. They were probably thinking, "What's going on? This is totally wrong. Something's gotta happen soon. I know He can get off that cross if He wants to. Come on, Jesus, our hope is in You, and You're just letting people treat you like this." Oh, how it probably hurt their hearts to watch Him suffer like that.

I think about even watching a friend suffer through something hard, and how hard that is--but to watch a man who has never done a thing wrong to anyone, who only loves everyone, and who is the best friend one could have--to watch Him crucified like that, it must have been painful.

But anyways, back to the good part of the day. It was good because Jesus died on that day, and if it hadn't had happened, I would be going to hell for eternity. He saved my life that day. That's probably not what His apostles were thinking that day. They were probably thinking that there is no way this pain is not worth it, no way.

From God's perspective, with all the love in His heart for us, it was worth it. Jesus thought that having me with Him for eternity was worth the suffering. And how thankful I am that He thought that!

So, where this hit me hard today was when I was thinking, what's going on in my life that I can't imagine truly being good? What are the things that I try to tell myself, 'yes, it's good,' but really I'm thinking, no way in heck can this be good? That's what those apostles were thinking, and Good Friday (plus Easter) was the best thing that ever happened in my life.

These trials that I go through.... Well, they're good! From my perspective right now, I'm not sure why they're good, but that's okay. I just know that they're good and there will mostly likely be a time when I look back and see the benefits of these trials. And even if I don't look back and see the exact reason I went through it, I will trust my loving Father that He knows best, and that He puts me right where He wants me to be, just the way He put His Son right where He wanted Him to be on that cross on Good Friday, to save my life.

I have so much to praise Jesus for--a new life in Him! Happy Easter y'all!

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