Saturday, April 10, 2010

Towed Cars, Sprained Ankles, Disasterous Frigs

I know you're thinking two blog posts in two days--amazing!

I wish I blogged more frequently but lots of times, either  a.) I don't have anything to say or  b.) I don't have enough time.

This problem was solved with my roller skating incident. Because now a.) I have had lots of rough/embarrassing/humorous incidents since the sprain, and b.) I must stay on my sofa most of the time, giving me plenty of blogging time.

This weekend has been a good one. I'm not exactly sure what makes me think that, but despite the circumstances, it's just been nice.

Well I guess you read about my roller skating accident which occurred on Thursday night. I spent Friday morning at the clinic and Friday afternoon on my sofa, leg propped and frozen green beans resting on my ankle.

It was my friend's 21 birthday and we had been planning on spending it with him since 2 weeks ago. We even decided to stay in town because we knew it would be fun. Well the ankle wasn't keeping me from going, as Mars mentioned in the comments section of my last post. I just went to the party and chilled on the sofa. If people wanted to talk to me, they had to come find me. I sat alone most of the time. We had been planning to go out afterwards because it was our first night to go out to the bars. Nat, Gav and I were excited to finally go out (since I've been 21 for 4 months now and still not been out). The ankle timing was perfect.

So I drove to the strip and parked my car where Gav said she'd parked hers and it didn't get towed. Great idea!  I then got Mars to drive me down the road and drop me off at the doorstep of the venue. I stayed for about 30 minutes and was ready to leave. My friend Geo's friend was waiting to pick us up right outside, so I just decided to get in his car to go home since I was exhausted and didn't want to walk to my car.

Next morning (today), I go to get my car at the bank. No car. Wonderful. Call the towing place. Found the car. They only take cash, $100 cash. Who has $100 cash these days? I went to the ATM and then Nat drove me to get my car. Poor thing, she did not belong in this junk yard place where I found her. So I drove her home. She seems to be doing well.

I proceeded to lay on my sofa or by the pool all day. (It's really funny because my friend and neighbor, Holly, has a sprained ankle too so we both iced our ankles by the pool.) I then came back in and this happened:

I was resting my ankle without the ace thing on.

I decided to make no-bake cookies for a cook-out tonight that we've been planning for a while.

I spilled the tea over in the frig. I've never done that before in my life, but on the day that I can barely walk, nonetheless squat down, I spill almost the full pitcher of tea. There was a lot more in there than you can see in the pic because it went below that shelf. And I was home alone.

So anyways, these situations have been funny. I haven't been that upset about them. I feel like there are bigger things in life to be concerned about. Towed cars, sprained ankles, and disasterous refrigerators, well those things can't ruin my day!

I'm going to lie here for a while and then get ready for our cook-out at 7:30. I think 15-20 people are coming, so I better get workin'.

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Merd said...

mel. you are hilarious! i'm so glad you didn't get discouraged or upset about your eventful few days.