Monday, March 29, 2010


She was wise, the wisest woman I knew.
She was devoted, devoted to her family, her faith, and her ministry.
She was giving. She gave, and gave, and gave.
She was passionate—passionate about loving the unlovable.
She was easygoing, the little things never really bothered her.
She was interested. Interested in all kinds of people.
She was a friend. So many women considered her their best friend.
She was strong. So scared of needles, yet so strong throughout her illness.
She was optimistic… most of the time :)
She was respectable. I took to heart everything she said.
She was funny. She always made us laugh.

She not only was these things, she acted on these things.

She laughed—usually at herself.
She shared—time, money, prayers, insight.
She listened—to me, to the stranger down the road, to her husband.
She taught—taught by example: to love, to laugh, to be compassionate.
She cared—about the people who weren’t cared for.
She prayed—always prayed for even the details of my life.
She forgave—quickly, even the people who took advantage of her
She sacrificed—her life for less fortunate.
She encouraged—in the dark times, in the happy times, all the time
She loved—she loved me, she loved them, she loved Him—it was evident.

She was an amazing grandmother.
She was a blessing in my life. A friend to me for 20 years of my life.

She’s been in Heaven for one year, today.
She’s still being thought of often.
She’s still making an impact on many lives.
She’s still living through many people.

She’s celebrating.
She’s singing with joy right now.
She’s praising Him.
She’s talking to Jesus face-to-face.
She’s enjoying herself in every way.
She’s just flat-out having fun.

She is missed—by me, her children, her husband, her friends.

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Valerie said...

wow to be with Jesus face to face!!!
May these things be said of us as well! What a testimony!