Monday, March 1, 2010

Spriiiiing Break!!!

One week till Spring Break and I can't wait! Spring Break couldn't have come at a better time, even though it is the first week of March, which is so not even Spring. But, it is a break, and that's what matters more.

I'm taking a trip to right around Orlando, Florida with a big group of lovely girls and a few boys (who are lovely as well). We're staying in two houses next door to one another, right on the lake and surrounded by orange groves.

My plans go as follows:
Wake up whenever I want to
Drink some fresh-squeezed orange juice
Most likely forget to brush my teeth because I won't get ready
Get a book and read on the porch while eating breakfast
Head to the pool with my book
With a book in hand, take a walk to George's (our neighbor down the road)
Meander on down to the dock and onto the boat, probably with long sleeves on :(
Hopefully not be the one driving the boat, but there is a chance of this happening
Sit (in the boat) on the middle of the lake reading and talking
Head back home to make a tasty homemade dinner for all 15 or so people with whatever produce is in season
Go to Twistee's ice cream (best soft serve in the country)
Watch a movie, talk to the friends, maybe a nighttime boat ride
Lastly, head to (hopefully a) bed, just to do it all over again


It might sound boring, but I couldn't be more excited!

School is wearing me out and I'm ready for some good relaxation time.

And, lastly, I'm excited about seeing the Florida sky.

This is the view that I'm going to see from the back porch...