Friday, March 26, 2010

Things On My Mind On This Friday Afternoon.

A. Like my new blog layout?

B. I didn't set my alarm this morning and ended up waking up until 11:39!

C. I'm watching Oprah about unhealthy (overweight) people's eating habits. These people... I can't believe what they eat. Oprah says that America is going to die from golden-brown colored food (fried). I, on the other hand, am sticking brown-colored food (chocolate). So I should be good to go.

D. There has been an alarm going off outside my apartment for probably 3 hours now, and I'm almost ready to go find that car and beat it up.

E. Today is my grandmother's birthday. The first one without her here :( Mars and I were going to take her some flowers to her grave, but it's a cold and dreary day so we decided to wait for a better day.

F. It got COLD today. I didn't even go outside until 2:00, but when I went out there, it was much to my surprise that it was like 45 degrees when on Wednesday it was 70 degrees .

H. We had wayyy too much trash this week. Or rather, we haven't taken our trash in over a week. That's probably more of the problem. It stunk. Like, bad. Two hours later, we still have the candles going.

G. I have absolutely no plans this weekend. I'm making dinner with a friend, but I just planned that a little while ago and I have not another single plan until Sunday night small group.

I. I'm planning a wedding shower for my friend from high school, Haley. I'm really excited about it. Time to get addresses, invitations, and party supplies.

J. The new Awakening 2010 Passion cd is amazing. I got to actually go to Passion so that might make me like it even more, but I think it's pretty ballin' regardless.

Well that's about it. Happy Last Weekend of March!

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