Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It was a success!

The wedding was a success! It was magical! Eleanor was glowing and Cale couldn't stop grinning all night. I smiled just looking at them. 

I was so incredibly worn out by Sunday! We had a full day Friday, then a full day Saturday and then the wedding and reception until midnight. 

Pretty much everyone who I've ever known was at the wedding. It was huge. Plus, El and I had a lot of the same friends since we are so close in age and have lived in the same city for quite a while. I had the privilege to see Tuck at the wedding. He is my cousin's cousin's boyfriend, and he was awesome. I told him I would mention him in my blog since he reads it. It pretty much made my entire night when he told me that he actually reads what I have to say. 

Geo came to the wedding too. It was his first time to meet my entire family, and I can imagine that it was really overwhelming. I wasn't really thinking about how crazy that weekend would be for him to come, but he did so well and everyone loved him. He got left alone a few times because I was doing stuff with the wedding party. But, he got some good quality time in with my parents. As in like 5 whole hours. Sorry Geo! 

Right before we were about to leave to go to the wedding, Eleanor (the bride) decided she didn't want her hair to the side like she had it. So I walked in the bathroom and they were all standing around looking at the hair situation. No one wanted to be the one to fix it because they were worried they'd mess it up. So she asked me to just move her hair over to the middle. For some reason, things like that don't scare me. But it definitely didn't work. There was way too much hair spray and bobby pins in there for the hair to even move. I ended up moving bobby pins around and pinning certain things down and a whole bunch of stuff and it worked! 

She felt a lot better about it being in the middle and it looked really good. I really didn't do all the hard part, but I'll take the credit for her hair. 

She looked beautiful and we had so much fun!

I'm expecting some pictures to show up on Michele's blog from the wedding! Check it out if you have time. She's a really good photographer. 

Bamber did their photography and they were so incredibly nice and fun to work with! I really enjoyed having both of them around. Sometimes, in our past experiences, wedding photographers have been grumpy. But these guys were so sweet and helpful with everything!

Anyways, I'm going to St. Thomas tomorrow with my cousin Cros for her 21st birthday. I'm really excited! We're going to be safe and make really good, wise decisions. I've had a run down on all the rules. I think we might tell people that our parents are in the room sleeping. We are chickens.

I'm nervous to fly and so is she. I would really like some valium after my last experience, but I never called the doc AND I forgot my ambien too! I would totally be a drug addict if I didn't know better. Honestly, I love drugs. I love pain killers and being put to sleep and sleeping pills and relaxing medicine. If I did drugs, I would do pills. 

I really have to watch myself when I take things. It could potentially be a problem. Do other people like meds as much as me? 

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Andrew said...

MELISSA.... I love the blog post from the wedding. I am honored you mentioned me. I will have to tell Cathy to read it! Hope the rest of your summer goes great!