Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Family Convos

A few conversations you might hear in my house:

Dad: Mary, I'm so proud that you got all A's!
Mary: I haven't even gotten my grades back yet.
Dad: Well I know that they are good. I bet you got A's.
Mary: I think I got some C's.
Dad: Well, Mary, C's are really good! I'm so proud of you.

Mom on the phone:
-So now, what are all your kids names?
-Ja... What?
-What can I call them so I can remember their names?
-Oh ok, Pinky? I can remember that!

Watching the news:
Reporter: This young man stabbed the victim in the face. He will now face prison...
Dad: Oh, I know him! I broke up a fight between him and his brother. (Like it was no big deal.)
I feel like every time I watch the news with my parents, they know someone; usually it's crime-related.

Home is entertaining!

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