Thursday, December 23, 2010


I had the best day today! 

I woke up and came downstairs to see the most adorable little boy in the living room.

One of Mom's previous students came over to work in our yard for a little extra money. 
He is 16 and has dropped out of school and has a 4 month old child that is so cute!
His mom is from Atlanta and is 17, and I could tell that she could use a break.

... And so Kaden stayed with me all day. 
We played and visited some cousins and took pictures and shopped at CVS. 
He was the best baby. He only cried twice. And he fell sound asleep in my arms.

This is a 25 second video of us.. I think the pictures don't do him justice, so I added the video. 
All of the pictures and videos are taken on my computer, maybe not the best quality, but hey, it works! 

Anyways, I miss this cutie now.
I'm hoping to see him again sometime!

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