Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Life during Finals

Exams are almost over!!! One more to go... One that I haven't begun studying for, nor have I gotten remotely close to finishing the study guide. It's only two chapters though, and compared to the 13 chapters on Monday and the eight chapters today, two chapters seems like a breeze!

Anyways, I just got out of my exam and am taking a break before studying for the rest of the day/night/morning. 

I thought I'd give you a short account of finals life. Not sure if this is how everyone's exam life goes, but this is how mine is... 

I fell asleep 1 AM last night after lying in bed for an hour thinking of possible business law exam questions. My alarm went off at 6 AM this morning, and I snoozed it until 6:10. I got up and looked at the temperature. When I saw that it was 16 degrees, I decided to study at home for an hour to make sure the roads were thawed and it was light outside.... And to delay being in the coldness.

When 7:15 rolled around ever too soon, I went to my car and got in... Saw the ice on my windshield... Put the defrost on... Sat there... 5 minutes... My windshield was unaffected... I was freezing sitting there... So I got out my Marble Slab gift card and started scraping...

This was the kind of ice that was very difficult to get off... Sometimes there is frost, and sometimes there is ice. This was ice--thin, unscrapeable(?) ice. But I persevered. I scraped off a window of ice on the drivers side. I wondered if it was illegal to drive only half-scraped. I decided to take my chances.

I made it to campus and went to Einstein's for coffee and a bagel. I sat down to wait for my food, and something felt off.... Hmm... What was missing? Oh, I know... it's that thing that I have worn just about every single day since age 12. The thing that I don't leave the house without... I don't even go downstairs in the morning at home without it... Nonetheless, IN PUBLIC. You know what I'm talking about, right? Luckily, I'd worn a t-shirt, sweatshirt, and down jacket. I was too afraid to take of any of these items off. I sat there all morning in three layers. 

Anyways, after realizing that I'd forgotten a valuable piece of my wardrobe, I continued studying for business law. With the people around me talking, I thought I'd put on my Christmas music to drown out the girl next to me telling her acquaintance that her hometown didn't have Target or Piggly Wiggly or a mall or.... AHHH!!! So anyways, the earphones went in and the music went on... And I turned it up because I couldn't hear it. It was weird because normally I can hear it when it's on 4 notches. I turned it almost all the way up so it blocked out all extraneous noise.

I quickly got into study mode... Flying through my notes AND comprehending them, too! 
The professor at a table in front of me looked at me a lot... I figured that he was amazed at my concentration on my notes so early in the morning.

After ten or fifteen minutes (I'm not quite sure because of intense study mode), my earphone felt like it electrocuted my ear so I took my earphones out...
And my music was still playing!
That's weird!

And then I realized that my earphones were not plugged into the earphone plug, but the one next to it.

My music was playing for everyone around me.
And I had earphones in.
That's why the professor was staring.
I'm sure he was contemplating... tell her or let her be?

I was so embarrassed that I wanted to move, but I thought it might be awkward.... So I toughed it out, plugged my earphones in like it was no big deal, and trekked on through my notes.

And that is a synopsis of my life during finals!
Am  I losing my mind?

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