Thursday, July 30, 2009

I've been going through...

I've been going, going, going.
Especially going through so many things.
Let's see what I've gone through in the past two weeks....

South Carolina
2 bottles of SPF 15
1 bottle of SPF 30
1 bottle of SPF 90 (I'm serious about this sunscreen thing but it didn't appear to work that well)
The Ikea store (a hike in itself)
The remains of two bottles of shampoo and conditioner
An entire bottle of Dove Cream Oil lotion (the greatest)
Bare Minerals medium beige
2 outlet malls
3 pools
The ocean
The lake
7 bottles of wine....... (just kidding)
8 Random Mix CD's in mother dear's car
6 sets of sheets
9 houses (4 amazingly decorated ones)
A hot tub (we snuck in the cabana club when it was closed)
10 movies
1 and a half books
12 towels
A tube of Crest
4 suitcases (small ones, of course)
3 loads of laundry

...And that's probably not everything.

I'm about to head home from Florida. It'll be good to get back and see everyone before it's time to return to school. Looks like I have some stuff to stock up on before school starts.

By the way, let's take a moment to thank goodness that Blogger automatically saves posts every minute... Because my internet just shut down and I thought I was going to have to type this all over or just not post at all.... And then I found this post saved conveniently in my 'drafts'.... That was the most excited I've been all day.