Thursday, July 9, 2009

Reading the Bible is like Eating Fish

It's wedding time this week around here. My cousin who also lives next door is tying the knot this weekend. Starting yesterday, the parties began. There was a bridal shower yesterday where all of my grandmother's and great-grandmother's friends came and shared memories about them for the bride-elect.

We had a great time, and the 90 year old women were adorable. Everything they said was so meaningful, as they told things they remembered about my grandmother, great-grandmother and great-great-grandmother, who were all very Godly women. I thought I'd share a few of the things they said with you because it was just too good to keep to myself.
1. Listening and being interested can be the best way to love someone. Nanny used to listen to tons of people, and not only would she listen, she'd ask you about it the next time she saw you.

2. Go with the flow. Life is much easier to just go along and adapt.

3. Don't worry about it. It's okay if you walk outside for church and the dog jumps on you and your new white pants. Don't let things, big or small, upset you. In the big picture of life and eternity, you're not going to remember that pair of pants, or even that car you wrecked, but all that will matter is if you were loving while you were experiencing these circumstances.

4. Share your wisdom. Give people honest and truthful advice. And don't forget to also encourage them.

5. Reading the bible is like eating fish. When you find a bone in your fish, you just take it out and put it to the side. In the same way, when you are reading the Bible and don't understand something, don't get upset about it, but instead, put it to the side and keep reading. This was my favorite one. I thought it was very interesting because I would've thought she'd said the opposite, to dwell on it until you understood it. But this is what my great-great-grandmother told these now 90 year old ladies and they still agree with it. They must have discovered in their 90 years, that they still just can't understand God.

It is so good to hear these wise old women speak. I think that I need to spend some more time with these older women because they are the ones who have true Godly wisdom, not the internet or Self Magazine or the woman at the Gap, as much as I love the Gap.