Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Emily Maynard Stalking

I'll admit that I love the Bachelor. 
It's the only show I watch regularly, and I'm not quite sure why. 
I think it's frustrating and painful... and so addicting. 
I had class until 9:00 every Monday night, so I had to resort to watching it online every week.
All two hours of it when I should have been studying or writing papers.
(I got my papers done with just a few hours of missed sleep.)

So anyways, I'm usually never interested in the final couples after the show is over.
But this season... Emily and Brad.
They are just so darn cute. Especially Emily! 
She's adorable and genuine and Southern. 
My friend Meredith babysat for her and said she was just as cute as she looks.
And just as sweet too! 

(from her Twitter)

I think I have a problem because I'm always wondering how they are doing.
Did they hang out this weekend?
I wonder if they're doing better since the show is over.
How is their relationship right now?
I even stalked around and found Emily on Twitter.
I know that Brad and Emily spent last weekend together in Texas. 
Some blogs say their body language says they aren't in love. I say that's crazy.

I know they need to have privacy. They deserve it. 
They have been through a lot, and now they should have some time to themselves. 
I know that.

But I just can't help reading their stories in People 
and getting excited when @rickismommy updates on Twitter.

Welcome to my sad life as a college student. 
I have way too much class time on my hands.
The gossip blogs are way more interesting than my professors.

And I should also add that I'm not only stalking during class. 
I also do it in my free time. 
Someone help me. 

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