Sunday, March 20, 2011

Time to put the watch back on!

Spring Break 2011 is over. It was wonderful, and I am sad to being saying goodbye to it. 
This spring break topped all spring breaks for most relaxing. 

I went to Florida with Valerie, and Malone and her boyfriend Kyle and their friends were there too. It was fun having them around for some excitement on occasion, but we really enjoyed just laying by the pool, watching tv on our daily lunch breaks, thinking about cooking, fishing with George, and riding bikes down the driveway between the two houses.

The house is in the middle of nowhere Florida, so it will get you relaxed to the max. You don't even have to worry about even leaving the house. We did leave the house a few times for Twistee's ice cream. (I did go in pajama pants one night though.) We went to Daytona Beach to visit Meredith one day which was entertaining! We also went to a movie and out to dinner twice. And the rest of our time was spent.... At the house! 

This was eventful: One day a man came down the driveway, which is .25 miles long, and asked if we wanted him to seal our driveway. Aunt Lori said to call Uncle Frank and ask him. Uncle Frank said sure, so the man comes at around noon and tells me, "Hey Sweetheart, I talked to your Uncle Frank, and we are going to be sealing your driveway...." We chatted. Then I asked if I needed to move my car. He said, "Not for another hour or so." 

I had no idea what was going on. 
Did he mean I need to move my car in an hour or I wasn't allowed to move my car in an hour?

I just responded with an okay.

Then about 20 men show up. With their pants falling off. They were slightly creepy, and they sat picking our oranges and eating them. One guy was blowing the driveway, but thats the extent of their work. So they stayed there until 8:30 just sitting. No joke. 

The nice man from the beginning disappeared at about 12:30, and we didn't see him again. Then at 8:30 they began working, tarring the driveway. They originally said that we could drive on it the next day, but since they started so late, apparently we couldn't... And we left lovely little marks down the driveway the next day. And I had a hard time sleeping that night thinking about those men out there.

We walked across the wet tar stuff because we had to go to Daytona.

The next day we went on a boat ride with Tuff the Dog.

My foot is about the same size as his foot, and I have huge feet.

He pretty much took up the entire boat most of the time.

This was the best, most obedient dog I have ever seen in my life. He would do exactly as his owner told him. She would put ice cream in his face and tell him not to eat it, and he wouldn't even try to eat it until she gave him permission. She made him sit down for most of the ride so he didn't get in the way, and he did exactly as told.

The Bass Masters big fishing tournament was on our lake. Honestly, I had never heard of the Bass Masters because I've never watched fishing, but apparently it was kind of a big deal. They closed off some streets downtown, so Val and I went to the weigh in on the last day, and we Shaw Rigsby won. It was cool because he actually caught a bass in our canal! 

We did a little fishing ourselves  off our bank with George. 

All in all, it was an awesome week. 
I'm sad it's over... Back to the real world.
I'm going to miss being busy with doing nothing.

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