Thursday, March 3, 2011


Some smart people brought to my attention that the last post about the weather... 
Well, it was in Celsius, so 18 degrees Celsius was not actually wrong for today's weather
That's pretty embarrassing. 

But really, I check that site every morning for the weather (, and the direct link is saved to my favorites. It's never been in Celsius before. So why would I check?

 So, does that make it any better?

What I really wanted to post about is the amazing weather that has been 65 degrees Fahrenheit.
Our house is starting to feel like Spring! 

I love when the first daffodils bloom!

Yesterday Jim sent over some guys to blow the leaves out of our yard. 
It's kinda funny because he didn't do that all Fall or even Winter... Waited till Spring. 
Now the problem is--the guys blew the leaves to the road, 
and I assume they are waiting for the leaf pickup... 
But Knoxville's leaf pickup service ends February 1. 

So we have leaves on the ditch/road that will probably be there a while. 
Not so Spring-ish, but the daffodils make up for it!

Happy Spring!

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