Wednesday, May 27, 2009

For the Love of Coffee Grounds

Before 10 AM this morning, this is what I faced. I woke up, came to Gdad's and this was all over the garage. I told Mars to take the trash out yesterday and that was a mistake... She must have just left it on the ground instead of put it in the container. And with about 40 dogs around here, that presents a problem:



Thank goodness I found these so that I could pick up the 5 day old molded corn on the cob. I gagged 3 times and really thought I was going to throw up because of the smell. I can't figure out what exactly was so bad, but it was this one area, and OH MY WORD, it was hellacious.

After a long time of cleaning, I ended up with this. You can't see the coffee grounds still scattered over the ground. Maybe Gdad won't be able to see them either!


So I come back upstairs to make some coffee and get out the coffee filter from yesterday and drop it. I've already cleaned up about 5 different coffee filters and grounds. So this will make the 6th, but the difference is that these grounds are wet and in the kitchen.


But actually, with all of this, I'm just laughing. I think that's really all I can do. Along with pray that when I go to the grocery in a little while that they don't have one of those center stacked things with a tower of coffee grounds in glass bottles. Because if they do, I will most definitely accidently hit the tower with my buggy while being too concentrated on which flavor of Coffee-Mate creamer to buy... because that is usually the most important decision I make at the grocery store: amaretto or belgian chocolate?

But I will hope continually, and will yet praise thee more and more.
Psalm 71:14

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