Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What to do?

I have got to think of some activities to do with Granddaddy. He just sits there in his chair for hours unless I ask him to go on a hike or to the grocery store with me. It's been raining for about a month straight, so we can't really go to the park or pool.

Yesterday, I cleaned (along with broke some of my grandmother's beautiful glass things) all day until about 1 and then we went to the grocery and then I cooked dinner. So all except the half hour at the grocery, he was sitting in his chair or in his bed. What to do? I have no idea. I better get my thinking cap on before he loses his ability to walk and think.

Yesterday, I made all the things that I told you I was going to make and every single one of them turned out to be pretty good. The grilled pineapple was my favorite party and I used this recipe. It was very different, but a good different. Then dessert, the peanut butter brownie cups. They were pretty tasty.

To celebrate Memorial Day, I went to the Lookouts game because they had fireworks. We had seats on the first row where we could prop our feet up on the dugout. I had so much fun visiting with Teen, Sam, Logan and David.

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