Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sobbing Scenes: Story of my life.

I stayed up really late last night because I thought I could sleep in today. It was my first day to sleep in because each day I've gotten up to go to Granddaddy's. I was so looking forward to getting some sleep. So 8:25 rolls around this morning and my phone rings. I open it because I think it's my alarm clock and am going to turn it off and I see it's my dad calling. I immediately regret opening it because now I had to answer. He was at work and he locked his keys in his car that was parked directly behind his other car which was directly behind his tractor at work so he couldn't get home or get anything done with everything blocking everything.... So I had to half-sleepingly drive 45 minutes to his work and then back 45 minutes in my pj's with no makeup and a retainer in. I got home at 10:30, went straight back to bed until 12:00.

There was a Student Venture banquet tonight that was a fundraiser for the Chattanooga Student Venture. Nanny and Granddaddy were a big part of Student Venture and they actually got it started in Chatt-town, so tonight the family was invited to the banquet and it was a tribute to my grandmother. I went thinking that it'd mostly be a fundraiser with a little talk about Nanny and Granddaddy, but not a big deal. I was wrong. Darryl talked for about 10 minutes about her (Hebrews 11:4-"through faith, though he is dead, he still speaks.") and I was pretty okay during that part, you know, not making a crying scene or anything as the family was sitting front and center of the couple hundred.

But then came the SLIDE SHOW. And the second he said there was going to be a slide show with music, I knew it was all over (it was terrible, not the slide show, but me.) Today, Mary and I had been going through all of her letters and bible notes, so she was very fresh on my mind. Therefore, Mary and I pretty much made a scene with our loud sobbing. That's always a good way to be remembered. I had to go out to gather myself in the bathroom. I pretty much never cry like that in front of my family at home, yet I break down at the dry cleaners, in front of random old women, or at a banquet. That makes a whole lot of sense, right?

With that said, it really was a wonderful program and I'm thankful I went. Just hopefully I won't see anyone from there for a while and I'll be even more thankful.

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