Sunday, May 17, 2009

Surprise Doog!

I just realized that weekends aren't at all different for me than week days now that it is summer. It's pretty great actually, I've pretty much had weekend for a few weeks now.

But, for the real weekend, I had a busy one. Well, summer busy isn't the same as school busy, but I sure was tired enough to take a three-hour nap today.

We celebrated Merd's birthday Friday with lunch at Greenlife and then a walk around Coolige for a while to enjoy the sticky humid rainy weather. It was so lovely out. Friday night during our being slight bored(mostly), slightly thoughtful, we decided to decorate Granddaddy's house for his birthday the next day so that when he woke up, it would all be decorated. He kept forgetting when his birthday was, so we figured it'd be a good idea to decorate everywhere so that he didn't forget.

We trapped him in his room with streamers in the morning and had this sign there so that he didn't miss it. He had to walk through the bathroom and other bedroom to get out.

We spent the night there Friday and we had fun. A lot of fun. G-daddy started telling me stories the other day and we had so much fun talking about the old days. He told me that his friends in college called him Doog instead of Dugg. I told him that is what I'm going to start calling him and he gets quite a kick out of that. He's also been called Hal, Harold, Dugg, Dugger, Doug, and Harry. Don't know how he answers to ALL of those!

So anyways, Saturday, we cooked all day, making pork tenderloin and strawberry cupcakes mostly. The icing took me HOURS because I put too many strawberries in and then had to figure out how to rethinken it. Oh, it was a pain. I had to add cream cheese, powdered sugar, jello, and corn starch, and it still wasn't perfect.

I have pictures but the picture thing isn't working. And I also have pictures from Malone's party. Maybe I'll put them up later.

We ended the night with the family over for dinner and then we watched Twilight for the second night in a row at Anne G's.

This morning was church, then David's rockin' graduation lunch. I came home to G-dad's and took a nap with Merd on his sofa for about 3 hours while watching one of my favorite movies ever, What Happens in Vegas.

I woke up, we ate at my house and now I'm trying to figure out what to do all evening, and it will probably end up being nothing. It's cold and rainy and it's hard to find anything fun to do in that weather.

By the way, this is killing me that pictures can't be posted after those first four. Oh how I wish I was good on computers. That is a lost cause though, it's oh so lost.

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