Thursday, May 7, 2009

Trampolines and Bruises

If you didnt know, I pretty much have the best luck out of anyone I know. I'm just going to give you a recap of the highlights of my past year.

It began with getting mono in October and not know until 6 weeks later, then keeping mono until February. So, I pretty much laid on my sofa/bed most of the year.

My roomie Gav moved out, so it was slightly quiet in my apartment alone, but it was good for me to rest as much as I could.

My hands started turning dark blue all the time in January and February. We still don't know why.

I started also having bad joint problems during this time and it hurt to move a lot of times.

I got a HORRIBLE haircut at the end of January.

You can laugh. It's okay. That's all I can do. And it's still not back out to the normal length.

So, anyways, I would come home like every weekend because I had to go to doctors appointments.

Valentine's day weekend I came home and I was going off steroids so I wasn't feeling well and like slept a ton. On Sunday, I got up and don't remember church really, then came home, skipped lunch and slept almost all day. I woke up and decided I needed to have my eyebrows waxed. So my aunt waxed Mary's, then mine because she always does. This time, my skin came OFF of my eyelids. They were like bleeding. These were my best friends for the next THREE days, even inside.

So I left home to go back to school with a wet rag and neosporin on my eyelids. Mary spilt a glass of water on me in the car, so I proceeded to put it in my purse so that it wouldn't fall as easily. My mom called me on the way and told me I had bounced two checks that would cost $42. And then I remembered that I left all of my money at home along with my favorite jacket. So not thinking, I put my phone in my purse for the rest of the drive where it had the chance to have a bath in my glass of water. I got back to my apartment where I checked my grades to see that I got a zero on my project because the email didn't work. And then... I looked into my purse to discover my newly bathed phone that no longer worked. I took a sleeping pill and went to bed, hoping I'd wake up in the morning because my alarm clock on my phone didn't work and there was no way to get in touch with anyone.

Then I began to get better at the beginning of March.

My sweet grandmother died at the end of March, so that was incredibly sad, and it still is.

But, the reason I thought to tell you all of this is because of what happened to me yesterday.

Mitchell and David

came over and they love jumping on the trampoline. So I decided to jump with them because they told me to, but I really didn't like it because they jump so high and I just know I'm going to get hurt. Anyways, Mitch jumped high and somehow fell over on me and I landed and hit the side of the trampoline and am not sure how I didn't fall off but I think it was because Mitchell landed on my legs. Anyways, I hit my elbow on the metal part of the trampoline and it hurt.

Yes, it is bruised to say the least. I'm lookin' good with my short sleeves and tank tops on. And, you know how you never know how much you used a part of your body until it's like sore or bruised? Well I found out that yes, I actually use my elbow quite a bit.

Mitchell made fun of me for getting off the trampoline after that. But I do believe that my reason was plenty good.

I get hurt all the time. I have gotten hit twice by a basketball during one game in high school while I was watching from about the 3rd row. That year I got hit by two baseballs too at high school baseball games while I was taking money at the gate. And someone served a tennis ball once and it hit me straight in the nose and it was going so fast. I cried. I got hit at an indoor soccer game that had a net around the field but the soccer ball went over the net (my luck) and hit me right in the face, and I was alone in the stands with no one near me watching Laura play. All the other parents came around to check on me. It was awkward, painful, and embarrassing. Story of my life.

I could go on for days about getting hit by things, falling in public, and hurting myself in the most random ways. But, neither of us have enough time for that. 


justmims said...

One of the funniest blogs I have ever read in my entire life. I guess it makes it even funnier because it's you. Miss and love you. Be careful!

emily said...

This post is classic melissa. And I love you for it. :)