Friday, November 12, 2010

I hate Rubik's cubes

I'm just sayin'
I still haven't finished that cube and it's gotten to the point that looking at it makes me tense up. 

I got my hair cut today.
It doesn't look any different, just trimmed and even.
I know I just posted about growing my hair out, but I can't handle too long.
I've pretty much never in my life had long hair.

I also got salt and pepper shakers today.
We haven't had any this year and it drives me crazy. 
I had a gift card to Pier One.
And I got these...

We really need measuring spoons.
We have a 1/2 tablespoon and that's it.
I have attempted to count out 8 1/2 tablespoons.
It never fails--I always lose count.
It would be so much easier to have the right measurements. 
So, I found some at Pier One but I talked myself out of buying them.

I'm one of those shoppers.
I pick up about 5 things while I'm in the store.
Then I put all of it back except one thing.
I buy it and leave.
If I stay around too long, I'll leave with nothing.
I always buy more if I'm in a rush.

I would like 
to tell you how excited 
I am            
about Thanksgiving. It's my 
favorite holiday. My family is going to
the Florida houses. 
That's my whole family. 
Except for a couple of sweet family members 
who can't come. I'm sad about that.
But I'm really excited about the warm weather with 
the whole family. 
I think we're squeezing into 2 houses and 
a hotel room, so that should be 
Our house is only 2 and a half bedrooms,
but it sleeps 8.
We know how to cram them in.
The half bedroom is a closet that has a bunk bed in it.
I don't remember celebrating
anywhere besides on the mountain.
It will definitely be different, 
but hopefully different for the better. 
(I think it will!)
Shopping in Orlando on Black Friday... 
I'm not sure if that will be scary or awesome. 
Hopefully we'll get our traditional cousin picture with Santa
on Black Friday. 

This year we won't have pictures like this...

But that's okay!

We can take some on the lake instead of the brow.

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emily said...

I don't think I could ever be in those pictures. I wouldn't have enough guts to get so close to the edge of that thing! It makes me nervous and tense just thinking about it... :)