Saturday, October 16, 2010

Spring Break Plans

It seems a little early to be thinking about Spring Break, but it's time to make plans. I have a few options, and I'm having a really hard time deciding.

1. I could go on Senior Chi O spring break. I'm pretty sure they are going on a cruise in the Caribbean for 6 days. It would be really nice and it's not too expensive. It would be fun to be with my pledge class for one last time before we graduate.

2. My small group is going on a mission trip, probably to Haiti. I would love to go, and Haiti has been on my heart since I got back, so I think it would be really exciting to go back. But, the problem is that it's a lot more expensive than the cruise, and I hate asking people for money, and I would have to raise $1200 after raising money in July. Plus Mary is going, so that's raising double the amount of money from all the same people.

(I think about this girl, Orlancia, all the time.)

Oh, how I miss them all! 

Looking at these pictures really makes me want to go back.

If I'm honest, looking at these pictures makes me really not want to go back: 

Our sleeping quarters and the sweaty/nasty/gross/dirty feeling are the only things holding me back. Oh yeah, and being a little scared of Haiti, too! But I could get past that. How selfish am I being?

3. Anyways, lastly, I could go to the Florida house with who knows who. This would be extremely inexpensive, and very relaxing. This choice seems like the easy way out. It requires the least amount of effort and planning, which is why I lean towards that one. But the thing is--I can always go to Florida, for the rest of my life probably. I can't always go with my pledge class on a cruise or with my small group to Haiti.

What should I do?

Any recommendations?

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Anonymous said...

haiti or cruise!! or another cool missions trip!